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Charcoal and graphite on arches hot pressed water color paper. 

16" x 12"


Original work, signed by the artist.


This drawing, made up of natural elements and motifs from my previous works, deconstructs the representative, abstracting the natural world into its parts. Though the primary subjects are clearly defined as the blinded & vulnerable fawns centered within the work, imagery surrounding the fawns provide insight into those symbols which permeate reality. 

The bird, nearly blending into the background despite being a foreground figure, acts as a mirror of the viewer themselves, idly watching as the environment surrounding the fawns comes apart. The strip of branches at the top of the work provide a glimpse into that original natural environment of the fawns, which is being eradicated below. The human tooth, a more literal reflection of the human population, is a vestige of the consumption which destroys environments like these fawns may have otherwise been apart of. My hope is that seeing all that is undone here might encourage reflection of our own undoing. 


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