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Artis statement

"My art speaks the language of nature, revealing the hidden connections that remind us of our place in the intricate tapestry of life."

Artist Statement

As an artist, I dance with the delicate interplay between humanity and the natural world, finding rhythm and resonance in their profound interconnectedness. In the raw, ethereal textures of charcoal, I find a mirror reflecting the unadorned beauty of life's intricate cycles, the rise and fall of existence in our precious ecosystems.

My art emerges as a sacred hymn of reverence to nature, whispering secrets of the verdant world in each stroke. It beckons the viewer to delve deeper, to meditate upon their symbiotic relationship with the environment, to marvel at its delicate balance and sense the urgency of its preservation.

Charcoal, in its simplicity and truth, becomes my chosen language. It carves out visual narratives that stir both introspection and immediate action, crafting a space where the viewer becomes more than an observer - they transform into a custodian, a guardian of Earth's wonders.

My work is a testament to our collective responsibility, a delicate tapestry weaving together our past, present, and future. It invites each viewer into a waltz with nature, inspiring a shared pledge to safeguard its beauty for generations yet to come. In the silent dialogue between charcoal and paper, we find a call to action that resounds with the whispers of leaves, the murmur of rivers, the songs of birds. This is more than art; it's a love letter to the Earth, a call to arms, a hopeful promise for a future nurtured in harmony with nature.

Kayla Andrus

Artist Bio

Deeply rooted in middle America's diverse landscape, artist Kayla Anley crafts her art as a reflection of her Native American and Jewish heritage. Her creations, harmoniously intertwined with the region's wild beauty, echo the rhythm of the land that nurtured her growth as an individual and an artist.

As an lgbtq+ and environmentally conscious artist, Kayla uses charcoal and graphite to inspire her audience, presenting a unique narrative that both honors diversity and issues a heartfelt plea for the preservation of our fragile ecosystems.

Resilience permeates her artistry, with the pains and triumphs of her personal journey deeply etched into each piece. Kayla's art serves as a sanctuary, a space where the interconnectedness of life resonates, each creation a tribute to loss, healing, and the transformative power of creativity.

Her artworks stand as silent sermons, nudging us towards introspection and fostering sacred connections with nature. Drawing on the belief that nature is her spiritual refuge, her work promotes a reconnection with our surroundings that is both sensory and spiritual.

A vivid blend of her heritage, personal journey, and unwavering love for nature defines Kayla Anley's art. Each piece is an invitation to a journey across the bridge she has built between art and nature, encouraging a thoughtful, empathetic, and holistic perception of the world.

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