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Artis statement

About the artist

As an artist, my focus is to bring attention to the complex and interconnected relationship between the natural world and humans. My journey in art started with charcoal as my main medium, an honest and raw material. Charcoal is a medium that has a unique history and is deeply connected to the natural world. It is a medium made from burned plant matter, and the process of creating charcoal can be seen as a reflection of the natural cycles of life and death that occur in ecosystems, such as grassland fires.

In my new series of works, I am focusing on the 1% of remaining North American grasslands we have left and the animals and plants that once thrived there. By using charcoal as my primary medium, I am able to capture the raw and elemental qualities of this landscape. I am drawn to the inherent beauty and fragility of grassland ecosystems, and by using charcoal, I hope to bring attention to their current state of peril.

Through my work, I aim to showcase the intricate relationships between the animals and plants that call these grasslands home, and the impact that humans have had on their survival. I believe that by highlighting the beauty and complexity of these ecosystems, we can inspire people to take action to protect and preserve them.

Ultimately, my work is a reflection of my deep connection to the natural world and my desire to use art as a means of raising awareness about critical environmental issues. By using charcoal, I am able to capture the essence of the grasslands and create a visual representation of their unique and complex qualities.

Kayla Andrus
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