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Charcoal & graphite on paper.

8"x 8"

Original work, signed by the artist.


Comes in black frame.


For this drawing, the focus is on the frog as it basks in its prime, with the sun centered directly on its head, symbolizing the middle of life. The presence of a cotton plant adds to the lush, thriving environment that the frog is surrounded by. A subtle but important detail, a moth can be seen traveling across the image, emphasizing the passage of time and life's cycles. This piece encapsulates the idea of a flourishing life, captured in the stillness of a moment.

Living Frog

  • If you are a local to Tulsa, OK, use code "LOCALBIRD" to recieve free shipping at checkout.

    This artwork will be shipped in it's original frame. Please allow 2 - 5 days for shipping. 

  • To prevent yellowing, place the artwork out of direct sunlight.

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