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Original Work


Charcoal and graphite on paper.

Signed by the artist


Part of the Tulsa Creative Field Guide.

Framed in black metal.

Frame condition: New


This piece, created for Liz Blood's Creative Feild Guide with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, features two great blue herons spotlighted centrally within the work with elements of their environment surrounding them. As generally solitary animals, these two waterfowl can be presumed to be mating. 

In the 19th and 20th centuries, populations of great blue herons, among other large birds, went into decline due to hunters seeking their feathers for clothing items and accessories. Because of environmental legislation signed into law in 1900, these populations in Oklahoma and many other states are able to stretch their wings and grow. 

Together We Will

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    This artwork will be shipped in it's original frame. Please allow 2 - 5 days for shipping. 

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